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West Ham 1-1 Man Utd

I haven’t seen the highlights or replays, nor even discussed the game in much detail with anyone, so please excuse my lack of insight into the fine details of the game which are all a bit of a blur to me right now.

I hate Upton Park. Nasty, bitter and violent fans allowing you into their cauldron of hate is not my idea of a good Sunday afternoon, unless we win that is. Outside the ground leaflets condemning Roy Keane, and T-shirts slating the Reds were fuelling the hatred. Quite sad really; I’ve never seen anti-West Ham merchandise being sold at Old Trafford.

Inside the ground we watched Liverpool slip up to Sunderland, and with texts coming in telling us Leeds were losing at home to Bolton it looked like being a good afternoon. Meeting up with some of the regulars and a couple of people we had spent the evening with in Nantes last season, we sang our hearts out and made our way to the seats for kick off.

It was a reasonably weak United team, the most notable absentees being Keano, Becks, Gary Neville, Butty and Rio. Plenty of Reds were not too confident and 2-2 seemed to be the general consensus when predicting the scoreline. West Ham were, as always, up for their biggest game of the season and their first home win for a very long time.

The first half was fairly uneventful. Possession was even and both sides had a few half chances. West Ham hit the post and had a goal disallowed for offside, but rarely threatened. United looked jaded too, and when Ruud score shortly before half time it was unexpected. We got the feeling it was a result we would grind out.

Coming out in the second half United looked more confident. The passing was more crisp, but as the game wore on we became camped in our own half. West Ham’s equaliser was clearly offside, but on the other hand they deserved to be level overall. In the dying seconds United missed two sitters, both of which we were celebrating before realising they hadn’t actually gone in. Gutting.

The walk back to the car through dodgy alleys and quite narrow streets consisted of me doing all the talking with a London accent, and the rest keeping their mouths firmly shut. Yet on arrival at the car we realised our subtly had all been in vain; one of the girls was wearing a United scarf and we couldn’t have been more obvious as away fans! Luckily there was no trouble, which is a rarity for me at Upton Park, and we made it home safe.

Bad bad result, the hunger and desire needs to come back for us to turn the season around. But it is not all doom and gloom. It is worth noting that at this stage of the Treble season we had three points less than we do more…..

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