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Man Utd 2-1 Southampton

There are two types of United fans. The first type are loyal fans, mainly match going, who know their stuff. They form opinions by watching the players every week, not by echoing comments written in The Sun and other anti-United media outfits.I would regard myself as one of these people.

The other type of United fan is very different, and unfotunately gets the rest of us a bad name. These are the ‘Fergie should quit’, ‘Veron is crap’, ‘Diego will never score’, ‘why do we play Phil Neville’ believing twats whom I despise.

The people of this country love to knock those who succeed and for various reasons United are pretty much hated throughout England. For some reason that I cannot explain, people would rather see United lose than their own team win. When DiCanio knocked United out the FA Cup fans from many teams sang his name; bizarre. When Real Madrid knocked us out of Europe, Southampton sang ‘one team in Europe’ referring to Arsenal; they dont even own passports in Southampton! Such bevaviour also explains why United get higher TV audiences than England do; people watch desperate for us to lose.

These ABU’s (anyone but Uniteds) love to slag us off, and most journalists and those in the media have joined the bandwagon. The way Keane, Beckham, Phil Neville and Cantona were treated sums up the hatred. Compare Becks dartboards being distibuted with tabloids in 1998, to the way everyone jumped to Seaman’s rescue after HE tossed up. And so as reds we must see beyond the media.

And that entails loyalty, knowledge and a brain. I will defend Veron, P Neville, and Forlan til the cows come home, because they are loyal players who give their all. I am not saying Veron has been as good as we anticipated, or Forlan has scored enough goals, but slagging them off achieves nothing, and wanting them sold does not help the team. What helps the team is support and loyalty, as shown by the treatment of Diego.

Whilst the country laughed out loud at our Uruguian striker, the Stretford End went about singing his name louder than ever as the goalless games amounted. And what happened? Thats right, he kept his confidence levels up, kept having shots, and scored 2 vital goals this week.

Similar treatment will pay off with Veron, who had an absolute blinder against Southampton, by far Man of the match. Phil Neville also had another great game, although he has made some howlers in his time he is a solid player and I have never understood the abuse he gets.

And as for Sir Alex, lets not be fickle enough to write him off. The man is a legend and sections of alledged United fans are saying his time is up. I remember hearing the same in 95 when we lost the league then sold Hughes, Kanchelskis and Ince. I also remember the same when Arsenal did the double in 98. With hindisight we should know that to write off Fergie after sacrificing one title is crazy.

United were not at their best yesterday, but they did what was required. Three points was all the crowd wanted, and we left happy. Our options upfront are still lacking and the atmosphere needs to be improved, but all in all it was a good day for those loyal enough to stay until the end and see the winner, and not nip off home early to miss the traffic.

The papers will remember this match for Diego not getting his shirt back on, but I will remember it for different reasons. it was the day Diego silenced knob end Reds who slated him for 9 months, and the day Veron showed he will deliver at the highest level. It was the day that served as the perfect reminder that loyalty, patience and spirit pays off. And for those of you still want to slate Fergie, Keano, Diego, Neville and Veron, you should go down the M62 and watch the Scousers instead.


Veron, Veron. Form is temporary, class is permenant.

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