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Man Utd 5-0 Zalaegerszeg

I cannot believe that I have just succeeded in yet again deleting an incredibly long report before submitting it to the web page. So therefore once again, I must apologise for the shortened report that will follow.

During the summer, journalists; fans and players alike questioned the hunger and desire of this United team. Last night the players did all they could to put their name back on the map and send shockwaves through Europe. Sure the Hungarian opposition were neither Real Madrid nor Inter Milan, but the way United played they would have swept aside anyone.

The Stretford End sang throughout, with renditions of all the usual chants, with loud roars of ‘Rio’ following every perfectly timed tackle by the new signing. The sky was clear and the air was warm; all in all it was a perfect evening for Reds at the match.

In the first half United powered their way through the Hungarian defence time after time, with cross after cross hitting the danger area. Zala were not allowed any time on the ball, it seemed as if United had more than 11 players on the pitch at times. The team needed a goal to settle them, and after only six minutes Ruud latched on to Scholes’ pass to take the lead. Within twenty minutes a stunning Beckham freekick and a calm finish from Scholes put United 3-0 up and in total control. The rest of the half was an awesome performance worthy of credit from every journalist who slated United during the summer.

The second half was not as classy as the first, but at 3-0 up United could afford to take their feet off the gas slightly. For twenty minutes possession football sufficed, with few clear chances, but the arrival of Ole and Diego caused mayhem amongst the Zala defence once again.

The half livened up when Ruud was put through on goal. Illic caught the ball but landed on Ruud’s knee with his studs, and was shown a red card. Ruud converted the penalty, despite the Stretford End calling for Diego to take it, and the Hungarians, down to ten men, were shattered. Ole soon added a fifth and the match ended with a scoreline that reflected the domination of the Reds over ninety minutes.

The result sends a clear message that United are back in form, and that they ought not to be underestimated. Every player, supporter and journalist alike must accept that writing United off is a foolish mistake to make. United are ready to take on Europe’s best once again, and silverware could well be on the horizon.

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