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Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd

If you want to know the truth, here it is: I wrote a very extensive report of the match tonight, but then managed to delete it by accident. So what follows is a far briefer and less impressive piece of journalism, focusing far less on the events of the game.

Sky decided to break all the rules again and screen this match on a friday night. Now imagine you have a 9-5 job, and have to explain to your boss that you have to take yet another day off work for football. Then look at travel prices on a friday afternoon, and you will see why many reds simply had no choice but to miss this fixture. Along with Chelsea charging a staggering £40 for away fan tickets, travelling down was just not an option for some. United I am sure were delighted by this, as it left them room to sell more ‘travel packages’ to tourists who took their seats amongst us at Stamford Bridge. But at least we were enterained for our money.

People who wrote United off last season may be forced to eat their words in coming months. Of course it is far too early to talk about winning the title, but tonight the form of previous years was there for all to see. Crisp passing, determination, a will to succeed, and the creation of many chances give all of us reds hope.

Ultimately this was only one game, and one which we did not even win, but the second half perfomance was as good a show of skill and desire as I have seen in a while. With the domination United had they ought to have won in the end, and should even have been awarded a blatant penalty in the second half. Yet Chelsea also played their part in the game and could have had a larger advantage in the first half; they will think they deserved a point.

The Chelsea supporters were as welcoming as ever, doing their Munich impressions and insisting we would be going home in ambulances. In return we reminded them that they had not won the league for a very very very long time, and that their beloved Ducth striker Jimmy would soon be off to a big club. The atmosphere was good overall, but no new tunes or chants to inform you of.

Back to matters on the pitch, there are a few individuals who ought to be singled out. John O’Shea was awesome at the back, marking Zola and Hasslebank out of the match totally. At 21 he is so confident and capable that Rio will be worrying if he will get his place back in the side! Keano and Beckham played their hearts out, and Silvestre also had a cracking game assisting both goals.

There is a long season ahead, but tonight has filled me with confidence that the passion and hunger is back in the side. Now let’s get back in the Champions League where we belong, and look forward to coming months.

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