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Man Utd 1-0 West Brom

The first game of the season is never easy, especially against a newly promoted side who will play their hearts out for 90 minutes. West Brom were certainly no exception; their players gave 100%, making life very difficult for United.

The facts are as such; we won, kept a clean sheet, created chance after chance, and were by far the better side. Fergie was even confident enough to finish the game with only two defenders on our side! Yet the story of the game is not as simple as the above suggests. For 79 minutes we failed to take the lead, and many doubted whether we would score the goal that substitute Ole Solskjaer eventually provided us with. In my opinion the West Brom sending off WAS a red card offence, but had it not been we would have struggled to have scored the all important goal.

Keane, despite off the pitch headlines this week, looked as determined as ever. Veron, along side him, ripped open the West Brom defence several times, and the Stertford End was not happy about him being substituted off. Giggs was quiet, Becks looked jaded, and the team in general did not look as organised as they should. Never-the-less, three points and a clean sheet is no bad way to start the season.

In the stands the volume levels were good, with supporters drinking in the bright sunshine before the game. The West Brom fans were loud and enjoying their big day out, unfortunately they lost any credibility by resorting to taunting us with Munich chants. For that I wish them relegation.

Anyway, all in all a good day out, although I am not too confident about our form. Hopefully a result at Chelsea will improve confidence and get us off to a winning run of games.

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