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Man Utd 2-0 Boca Juniors

When I write these reports for I have to choose which photo appears next to the headline. Today was a hard choice, due to so many potential options.

Rio made his Old Trafford debut which is certainly worthy of a headline. Even more worthy was the fact he was taken off with a worrying injury. Then there were Ruud’s two fantastic first half goals, which on most days would have stolen the limelight. Other options included the appearance of 007 star Roger Moore, cheating Argentinians diving and being sent off, the return of Roy Keane to Old Trafford since his world cup exit, and an amazing 56,000 strong crowd for a friendly game.

But the star of the show was Juan Sabre Veron who played 60 minutes of inspired football, worthy of taking any headlines. His passing, vision, touch and skills all were worth the admission fee alone. In fact, when he was take off in the second half, the game ceased to entertain. Let’s hope this form continues until May and he answers is critics in an appropriate manner.

The atmosphere was dull, mainly due to non-regulars getting the opportunity to buy a ticket to Old Trafford. And once in a while it’s very important to get kids involved, after all they are the future of the support at United. However, it was irritating hearing the high pitched cheers and giggles when Becks touched the ball, and it certainly wasn’t appropriate to sing the regular hardcore sings in front of such young kids.

All in all an enjoyable day out, but the match lacked atmoshere and passion. Im not going to Budapest on wednesday, but will be watching and cheering the lads all the way. My next report will come after the West Brom match next week when hopefully Rio could be back, and Ruud could be scoring again.

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