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Bournmouth 2-3 Man Utd

I never believe transfer speculation, as most of the time there is no truth to it. The golden rule is to not worry about any player until you see them in a United shirt on the pitch, so we all trekked down to Bournemouth to see for ourselves if Rio was really a red.

The journey was awful; 3 hours in solid traffic as it seemed the whole of England was migrating to the beach for the day to enjoy the weather. But we made it there in time and headed straight for the ground.

It is easy to mock Bournemouth. There ground only has 3 stands, this game wasn’t the biggest their fans had seen for years, most of the home fans had only come to see United, and Rio is worth more than their entire club. However, us reds should not mock the less wealthy and less successful, as we could not exist without the league structure that produces homegrown talent. Respect must be given to the hardcore cherries who have stuck with their team through relegation, financial problems, and unattractive fixture lists.

The United end was clearly split down the middle. On the one hand, there were all the local kids and their dads to whom going to a football match was a big novelty. On the other hand, there wre small pockets of hardcore reds who had made the effort to travel despite knowing how much time and money the season ahead will cost.

The game itself was not really worth spending too much time writing about. Rio came on for teh last 20 minutes and was solid, although he had little to do. The most notable performance from a red was that of Bojan Djordic who outshone Ole, Veron and Giggsy. Also, Michael Stewart’s acute angle finishing was fantastic.

The atmpshere was pretty pathetic from the part time home fans. From the reds it wasnt that great either, as most of the crowd were kids who didnt know the songs. But we did our best to keep it going, and there were a few great Rio songs.

To the tune of HiHo from the 7 dwarves:
Rio, Rio
He is a red you know.
He saw El Tel
and he said farewell,
Rio, Rio, Rio, Rio.

With the exception of playing ‘Youll never walk alone’ on the tannoy, we would like to thank Bournemouth for a good day out. For me, the next stop is Amsterdam.

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