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Man Utd 4-1 Everton

As usual the journey up from London was awful; a 5 mile tail back on the M6 meant that I missed a meeting with Peter Kenyon and Paddy Harveson. We got to the ground at about 2.30 and, as can be expected when we play Scousers, there was a buzz around Old Trafford. We had a quick sing on the forecourt and then headed up to the Strettie tier 2.

When the teams came out I was surprised to see so many players rested, and it seemed there would be a lot of responsibility for Veron, who was our only proven creative player on the pitch. He lapped up the opportunity and from the very start controlled the game with his unique ability to put through defence splitting passes. Equally awesome was Wes Brown who stood tall at the back, and alongside Laurent Blanc our defense looked very assured.

The atmosphere was the same as usual; loud in tier two but disappointing everywhere else. The Scousers were taunted with anti-Scouse songs culminating in ‘If you all hate scousers clap your hands’ and ‘get to work you lazy twats’. A few us tried to get a new song going but it never took off. It was worded ‘You are a Scouser, an ugly scouser, you’re only happy on giro day. When dad’s out stealing, your mam’s drug dealing, please don’t take my hubcaps away.’

Mid way through the second half when United were 3-0 and cruising suddenly the mood changed. Everton got a soft goal back and our defense started to look a bit vulnerable. The Scousers got all giddy and got behind their team for once. Becks came off the bench and grabbed a goal to put the game out of reach, and the scousers got bitter. They started singing Munich songs at which point the whole of Old Trafford replied with cries of ‘You Scouse Bastards’.

Despite the slight lapse of concentration in the second half United looked like they had rediscovered their form. As an added bonus Liverpool lost, and Chelsea, Leeds, Arsenal (and our temporary challengers Bolton) all drew. As usual it seems all the tabloid talk of a crisis at United was unfounded, and even with out poor form we are second in the league. ‘We’re shit, and we’re champions.’ Here’s hoping that the big guns return to shoot down Olympiakos midweek.

More from me when I get back from the Toon next Saturday.

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  1. Pitz :: October 13th, 2015 5:04 am

    Hi Elen,Apologies, I think I did rather hatlsiy misinterpret what you were saying. It’s a very different thing to talk about what one personally needs to work on!It’s just a personal bugbear of mine; I see a lot of people tiptoeing around cultural issues where they wouldn’t hesitate to rush in were it anything else. I think there is a ‘fear of offending’ going on sometimes. Culture is seen as a sacred cow (no joke intended) when it’s just like any other aspect of a person’s life. And often not the most important by any means.And I think it can be overstated. I don’t wake up in the morning and think ‘I’m English’, and I don’t think people from minorities wake up thinking, ‘I’m [Indian/Chinese/Afro-Carribean]’ etc. Also the immigrant thing: most ethnic minorities are not immigrants but indiginous. In response to the question ‘Where are you from?’ they are more likely to say, ‘I’m from London’ (or wherever).So I would say: read around the culture by all means, but don’t let it dominate. That risks turning the character into a cultural token. Often culture might be scarcely noticeable in day to day life. I visited a blog once, written by a girl who was into cats, pop music, teenage chick lit, all the usual Western girl culture. It was some minutes before I noticed, with a thud of realisation, that she was Iraqi and blogging from war-torn Baghdad, where she had lived all her life. It was a salutory lesson in so many ways.

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