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Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal

Tonight was miserable for United fans across the world. Arsenal came to Old Trafford and outplayed the reds, winning the title in front of them. They fully deserve their title; 3 loses sums up their fantastic season, but to let them win it on home turf was not acceptable.

It is a real shame that in 90 minutes of football United could not once really trouble the Arsenal defence in a match in which they had to win. Whilst Arsenal ought to be praised, United did not make it sufficiently hard for them.

I do not have much to write, my disappointment is there for all to see. I also have little desire to write about the scenes after the match which were unpleasant. Whilst much of the OT crowd showed solidarity to United and congratulations to Arsenal, there were some reds a bit too wound up to accept defeat.

Let us not forget this season. There have been some superb matches and I have enjoyed the excitement despite the lack of silverware. Now lets do our best to finish above the Scousers.

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