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Bayer Leverkusen 1-1 Man Utd

I cannot even begin to express the diappointment I feel about our exit from Europe. There was such an optimism all season that this year we would win it, and to not be going to Glasgow is a real blow.

The trip itself was fantastic; the atmosphere, the beer, the weather and taking the lead all made the journey worthwhile. Yet the result was the reason why we went out to Germany and was the reason we came home depressed.

Everyone will form their own opinions after the match varying from the sublime (Fergie must quit) to the ridiculous (Giggs is a crap player). Yet it is important to keep a sense of perspective and remember that we have come so far. 10 years ago who could have predicted the success that we have had? We owe that to Fergie and his players and it will do no good to turn on them following a defeat.

I am not going to write anymore, there is little to be said. The season looks as if it will end trophyles, but we must remember the good times. Villa Park, Elland Road, Stamford Bridge, Coruna, Nantes and Portman road are just a few of the great trips this season. Ruud and Larry have been great signings and the future is still bright.

Follow, follow, follow, cos United will win it at home. We’ll all be pissed up, when Keane lifts the cup, cos United will win it at home. `

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