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Ipswich 0-1 Man Utd

It would be highly inappropriate to write this column without referring to Liverpool’s defeat at Spurs today. Their poor performance has ruled them out of the title race and means four more points will ensure United of second place. Whilst winning the title is still a possibility, I can assure you that myself and other reds will settle for finishing above the Scousers.

So on to United. We arrived in Ipswich before kick off and, despite our best intentions, we never made it into the town centre. The red army filled up the stand as the clock counted down to kick off, determined to make the most of Liverpool’s defeat earlier in the day. “Twelve long years” echoed to the tune hat the scousers sing “Liverpool” too. of course referring to their long absence without a championship.

I was suprised to hear United’s team selection; despite existing injuries to Blanc, Barthez, Becks, Veron, Giggsy, G Nev and Johnsen, Fergie still opted to leave Ole, Silvestre and Scholsey on the bench. I had thought that it would have been Ruud who would be dropped as he has looked tired in recent games and not as sharp as he was a month ago. Yet no red could question the solid performances put in my Brown, Irwin, O Shea and Butt; they were all superb. Forlan was excellent except for his finishing, and Chadwick still has to practice his final pass and shot. Also of note for all reds was the return of Keano fit and raring to go, a big plus in anticipation of the Leverkusen game.

So United won 1-0 thanks to a dubious penalty scored by Ruud. Ipswich had their chances but overall United controlled the match and deserved the win, albeit in contraversial circumstances. The reds left the ground happy; the title race is alive, the Scousers lost, and Keano is ready to destroy the Germans. Follow follow follow…

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