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Man Utd 2-2 Bayer Leverkusen

Its rare that United ever make life easy for themselves and let the nerves of their fans settle down. Following United has often been compared to living on a rollercoaster and tonight was a perfect example.

Having defeated Chelsea, Leeds, Deportivo and West Ham away in recent weeks there was a general air of optimism around Old Trafford. United were expected to win, and despite warnings from all over that this would not be an easy game most people thought United were destined a place in Glasgow in May.

But singing songs is not enough to ensure a place in the final. The team has to taje it chances and score more goals that the opposition. Tonight United allowed Bayer too much of the ball and after missing a few chances the final result was unsatisfactory. Leading twice in a home match really should be enough to win but 2 were also conceded and now United have to go away to a team with a superb home record and get a result.

The atmosphere was electric. Every red was tanked up and all 4 stands got behind the team from the start. Throughout the whole match the fans were behind the players and played their part. Unfortunately the players’ second half performance was not good enough, and there is a grave concern that we might be punished for it. A team is only as good as their last result so we have no divine right to win in Germany.

Yet the tie is not yet over. Keano is back and we have shown we can score away goals. There is no reason why we cannot go to Germany and win as we did in Coruna. Follow, follo, follow, and we might still yet be going to glasgow.

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