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Leeds 3-4 Man Utd

I really hate Leeds. It’s a great city in terms of its bars and clubs, but the people and football club have a lot to be desired. Going to Elland Road is rarely a pleasant experience, but today was one I wil always remember.

Quite simply this was a must win game. If we had not collected all three points we could have waved goobye to the title, and when I saw Ruud was only on the bench I have to admit I was concerned. Yet the word of the season, which may still backfire, is BELIEVE, and so I put my trust in Sir Alex and he did not disappoint.

On arrival at Elland Road the aim is usually to get into the stadium as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid confrontation with any of the rather unwelcoming locals who loiter around searching out Mancs to batter. Fortunately this year passed without incident and we made it in okay just before kick off.

United scored early on thanks to a solid finish from Scholsey, but I have to admit that it reminded me of going 1-0 at Highbury in November. When Leeds equalised not long after I feared a repeat of that match, but 2 quick goals from Ole put all doubts out of my head.

With United a sizable lead is never enough, and even Giggs’ goal did not put the game out of reach for Leeds. As the second half went on Leeds managed a few goals and for the last ten minutes even the most confident of reds worried about an equaliser. Yet United contained Leeds and left with all three points. The usual repetoire of songs mimicked the home contingent and we all left as happy reds. The riot police did their best to restrain the rather eager Leeds scum but could do little to prevent the chaos that ensued. Fortunately we got away safely and with all three points. Now its off to Coruna with Ruud back in the line up. Bring on the sunshine!

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