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A look at our rivals part 1: Chelsea

Our resident Man Utd supporter from Holland, Alwyn de Bruijn is there this week to catch up with Chelsea’s pre-season tour with their game against Feyenoord.

With only a few weeks to go before we finally can sit down every week in enjoyment in the next adventure for United. I’ll be having a look at fierce rivals who play Feyenoord Rotterdam these weeks in friendlies. The scousers will be showing their ugly heads on the 3rd and 5th of August in the Port of Rotterdam tournament together with Porto and Shanghai Shenhua.

Last night Chelsea played in “De Kuip” just like last season. The difference being this year was that Feyenoord’s Stadium was sold out, their supporters having some faith for this season after a flurry of tranfers. Roy Makaay (Bayern Munich), Gio van Bronckhorst (Barcelona) were two of the players that really has brought a turn around.

Chelsea not many changes then last season. Pizarro being the biggest name who came to the London side during the summer also from Bayern Munich. The match was at many times played on at a slow pace, Chelsea trying to relax into the game not willing to humiliate their opponents. Ruud Bossen (remember his showing Rooney and Scholes their red cards in Amsterdam last season?) was the man in black and was WEAK, absolutly crap. a few strong challenges, few that were worthy for at least a yellow card were just dismissed.

It was Feyenoord who took their chances and scored just before half time by a took taking header from Kevin Hofland another new buy from Werder Bremen. The second half saw loads of changes from Chelsea, so pin pointing problem areas were difficult for spies. Only thing that still doesn´t change and will never will, was Drogba being a cry baby.

However Chelsea were helped to get their goal. A mistake at the back by Theo Lucius gave Lampard not a second to waste and slot the ball home. Feyenoord got a penalty even, and with a friendly you would accept the decission and let it be. Not Chelsea ofcourse, crying to the ref that he was wrong and then more crying when the ball was placed on the edge of the spot, still hitting the white so allowed. Makaay eventually missing the penalty. 1-1 the final scoreline.

Feyenoord proved themselves ready for the new season. Chelsea proved that they are still cry babies and that Shevo is still crap, and maybe they will need to do some major work before the season kick-off.

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  1. Dave :: July 27th, 2007 9:58 am

    I don’t think you can read anything into the pre-season results or performances. Players probably won’t raise their game until at least the Charity Shield so this will just be a game to build up their fitness and for fat Frank to work off a few pies ;)

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