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Summary of the season, Jan - May 2007

Due to technical problems no fansviews appeared on the UO site in the season half of the season. So, as there were too many great moments to just bypass, I thought I might recap some of them here as a tribute to a wonderful season. Against all the odds United won the league and, with a bigger squad, may well have won the lot. They did so playing sensational, stylish football (take note Chelski) and scoring goals for fun. I have not going into detail on all the matches I went to but here are some of the highlights……

Spurs away - 4th feb - everyone saw this as a stumbling block and potential banana skin but United had other ideas. Spurs were ripped apart, the away atmosphere was fantastic and United left White Hart Lane half empty with 20 mins left. O’Shea in goal is a memory most Reds will always remember.

Lille away- 20th Feb - a half day off work, five of us driving over to France in hysterics at Gary answering ‘France’ when asked where we were going by police at the entrance to the Eurotunnel. Got lost, ended up on the Belgian border, parked at the wrong stadium but eventually made it in time for kick off. Ugly scenes, plenty of tear gas, shite stadium and potential death trap. However, Giggs won the game with ‘that’ free kick and the tie was effectively over. Held in the ground for ages, then penned in a car park by riot police, drove at 120mph all the way back to Calais and just made the last train back.

Fulham away - 24 Feb - the day the title race nearly ended. In the 88th minute at Craven Cottage Chelsea must have been favourites to win the league. A tired and poor United were outplayed and the clock was ticking. Ronaldo had other ideas, ran the length of the field, beat 4 men and smashed home. Crazy scenes in the away end, players celebrating as much as us, no one left at the final whistle, Fergie with clenched fist, Ronaldo song sung over and over.

Reading away (FA Cup) - 27 Feb - United 3-0 away from home after 7 minutes. Crazy. The rest of the game was nothing to write home about but you do have to laugh at Reds who missed kick off. Most fun that night was baiting Hansen and Shearer in the tv box behind us, reminding them of their various Scouse and Geordie misgivings! Ugly scenes outside after but United were on their way towards Wem-ber-ley…

Liverpool away- 3rd March - as if THIS game needs any explanation. Quite simply the best away trip ever for a Red. 10 men, hanging on for dear life, praying for the final whistle and then somehow you score. Crazy celebrations, hugging and kissing anyone in sight, grown men crying with delight, and knowing this would be the day the title was nearly home. When the police escorts let us out, no one left, people were just too busy dancing and singing. O’Shea a legend forever from this, scousers too upset to even fight, United fans singing their way out the stands.

Boro away - FA Cup - 10 March - not much to write about the match but an amusing journey between London and Boro including a tour of the world’s worst Little Chef and the most vile areas of Teeside. They should just flatten the place. People even had torches to find their cars in un-lit muddy fields after the match. Strange breed.

Bolton and Blackburn home - March - two sensational performances to be remembered for the quality of the goals. Rooney and Ronaldo on fire, thriving on the adrenaline, seemingly unphased by pressure and fatigue. A goal down against Blackburn looked ominous but this team just kept on going and could have won by more in the end.

Roma away - 4 April - United fans being attacked throughout the day, tense atmosphere in the air, the Olympic stadium full hours before, sense of a big occasion. And for the Italian police it was; their chance to beat women and kids with batons. Really brave. Well documented and a shite trip but no one can ever take away that moment when Rooney equalised, that just made it all worth it. Anyway, we had them in Manchester.–bs4OEiIg

Roma home - 10 April - 7 fucking 1. Class. Played them off the pitch, Old Trafford atmosphere at its best, the team playing with pace and determination, revenge is sweet.

Watford - FA Cup- semis at Villa Park suit United. The atmosphere was fantastic as half the stadium (the full half that is, well done FA on leaving so many empty seats elsewhere) sang ‘he plays on the left…’ and moved their arms in unison to applaud Ronaldo. Again. Que sera sera sung all the way home.

Milan home - 23 April - it does not get much better than a last minute winner against AC Milan in a Champions League semi final. A wonderful game played in great spirit and with an incredible atmosphere. Part timers punished for leaving early and missing the winner, whilst those of us who stayed felt it was job done and the trophy was ours. Hindsight sours it a little, but what a night at the time. Rooney, Rooney, Rooney.

Everton away - 28 April - the title was coming home. Losing at Goodison, team playing awfully, silence in the away end for almost the first time all season and Chelsea winning at home to Bolton. An hour later United had scored 4, Chelsea had drawn, and one of the most turbulent days in Premiership history had swung in United’s favour. The moment Rooney scored to take the Reds 3-2 up was one of the best in many years, with the bitterness of the home crowd making it all the more sweet. Thanks Phil for the OG, we always knew you still hated Scousers.

City away - 5th May- Winning the league at City - heaven. The stress of scrambling around for tickets aside, this was class. City fans wearing Milan shirts, waving inflatable bananas and doing their Munich arms. Wankers. United tucking away their pen, holding on and essentially clinching the title. City fans throwing their fists at randoms in the street, no class. United - champions - now THAT is class.

Chelsea away - forget the rest of the season after this one, losses to West Ham and Chelsea at Wembley did not matter too much. Stamford Bridge was all about winding the rent boys up, ordering champagne, laying into Mourinho, reminding them how much money they have wasted, and knowing OUR trophy was home. 90 minutes of non stop volume, incredible day to be in the away end, chin up Mourinho song the highlight of the night.

Overall it was an amazing season. Anfield, Craven Cottage, Roma at home, Scholes’ volley against Villa and the class of Ronaldo just some of the better memories. And so many of us can look back and say ‘I was there’ from Southend to Milan and from Portsmouth to Roma. As Clive Tyledsley said in 1999, never write United off. To be honest even most Reds had written them off before the season started, including me, and at certain times such as the 1-1 home draw with Boro, many doubts crept back in. However, for the manager and players there was no doubt and the self belief paid off.

“There’s only one Ronaldo” sums it all up - the United crowd standing by a player who was vilified by little Ingerlund. The winker won the title and showed his true class. Ferguson has his faults but no one can criticise what he has done on the pitch recently.

There is much uncertainly about the debt, the ticket prices and the future of the club but no one, not even those vile creatures from Tampa, can take away the beauty of this title. Next season promises to be spectacular too.

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