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Nantes 1-1 Man Utd

We arrived in London at 5pm tuesday afternoon, but it was not until 11pm that James realised he had left his passport in Leeds. So at 4am he picked me up again having been back to fetch it, and we set off (again), this time with Stoopid Jonny and Wisey on board. The ferry journey from Portsmouth to Le Havre was pretty awful, made all the worse by Wisey atempting to do his uni coursework that involved multiplying various numbers using the formula lbf/in2-N/m2. The following 4 hour drive to Nantes was uneventful, yet due to bad timing we double parked on the motorway hard shoulder and only made it to the ground just before kick off.

The stadium itself was impressive, yet the home fans had only come to see United. The reds built up the atmosphere and a great match followed. United looked shaky at the back but made up for it with attack after attack. Wisey had suggested just after half time that he fancied Ruud scoring a penalty in stoppage time, and score he did. He sent the travelling contingent of reds into a mad frenzy confirming his hero status.

After the game we sung our way back to the car, now with Scorah joining our adventure. First on the agenda was food, and after a couple of steak and chips later it was time for drink. On return to the hotel it became clear that a few reds were taking advantage of a barman who kept leaving his bar unguarded. An hour later his fully stocked bar was down to a couple of bottles and songs filled the bar, namely “ooh aah free bar”!

Waking up early thursday morning on Wisey’s hotel room floor we set off having had little sleep. The five hour journey back to Le Havre involved driving straight through a 1 Euro toll (about 60p!) on pure principle that we had already paid enough of them. The 2 hour ferry delay was no suprise, but this was made up for by the ferry having amazing facilities. We took full advantage of the fact that for £20 each we were given a swimming pool, sauna and gym; although the pool was virtually empty due to the boat rocking. Next we piled into the onboard casino that won me back the entire cost of the trip due to my pontoon playing ability.

We made it back to Leeds for 4am. It was a classic Euro away and it didnt even cost me a penny in the end. Bring on Boavista, but remember your passport James.

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