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Man Utd 4-1 Sunderland

United were at their very best today. This was a scoreline that flattered the visitors, and they could do nothing to stop wave after wave of red attack.

The day started on a rather more sombre note with a few hundred fans singing under the Munich memorial to mark the anniversary of the death of Sir Matt Busby. It was a great tribute, organised by GezM, that Sir Matt himself would have been proud of. Once inside the ground the atmosphere was far more cheerful, as United were presented with the Premiership trophy to mark winning 3 titles in a row. We questioned why we were given it only now and not earlier, and the more cynical amongst us suggested it was because a change of sponsor meant a new trophy was needed anyway.

The game itself was one to savour. Fast, fluent passing tore Sunderland apart time after time. Keano drove forwards, Giggs turned defence inside out, Beckham fired from all angles, and Ruud was typically dangerous up front. It only took 5 minutes for United to take the lead; a great team move finished with a lethal finish by none other than Phil Neville. Mocking cheers of ‘Phil will tear you apart again’ echoed around Old Trafford and the tine of the afternoon was set.

Sunderland equalised soon after; a great solo effort from kevin Phillips. Yet it did not take long for United to take control of the game and a fantastic free kick from Becks put the reds back in front. Soon after Ruud received the ball with his back to goal, but in a second he turned and smashed the ball into the net. It was no more than a half chance but he made it look easy. Soon after Giggs was held back in the area and Ruud made it 4 from the spot.

It was quite incredible that United did not increase their lea in the second half. For 90 minutes they poured forwards with terrific fast flowing football, the type of play they dream of seeing at Anfield. Most notable was the return to form of David Beckham who worked hard and apart from scoring a great free kick also hit the post, forced a good save from the keeper, and set up many other red attacks.

As was sung below the Munich memorial, ‘Man United will never die.’ And today was a great example fo how United cannot be kept down. Arsenal dropped points and Liverpool face Leeds tomorrow. The title race is hotting up all the time, and judging by today’s performance the bookies are right to make United favourites.

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  1. Manami :: October 13th, 2015 5:01 am

    Man spent 7 weeks waiting for the NFC South and then you guys were so meessd up on the Saints it was tragic. I think Steven knew it but Jeff bullied him into the followoing him into lala land.Sean was injured LAST year- not 2 years ago. They lost the game to the Bucs when he was injured. Then for some strange reason they lost to the Rams. That was it. They won out the rest of the season. Carmichael called the plays even after Sean returned so the offense should be ok this year assuming Vitt doesn’t meddle with that. Can’t argue with the body of work Brees and Carmichael put together.Lets just hope Spags can cobble together a decent defence. I for one will not miss Williams even before all the Bounty hoopla hit. Guess we’ll know in a few weeks just how big an impact Sean’s absence will have. But hopefully he has built a stong enough framework that they can perform without him.Seems to me they have to win the Superbowl this year (to throw it in the face of Roger and the rest of the world who actually beleive this bounty thing) and then again next year for Sean.

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