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Middlesbrough 2-0 Man Utd

The journey up to the Riverside was just the beginning to a very bad day. Hung over we set off at 9am and it was not too long before I had been pulled over and handed 3 points and a £60 fine for speeding. Arriving at the overcast bleak stadium we thought things could only get better.

The highlight of the day was the pre match training where Ruud smashed every effort into the net whilst Yorkey failed to score once in a 20 minute shooting session. Every strike from Ruud was greeted with a cheer by the travelling faithful.

The game started in a surreal atmosphere. The part time Boro fans failed to show up and the stadium was barely half full. Songs from travelling reds echoed against the stands as United passed the ball around fluently and we were confident of a victory.

With 5 minutes left and the boredom mounting I opened up the programme to look for details of a reply. Typically as soon as I looked down Boro were one up and United’s brief cup run was over. A second goal minutes later wrapped the game up.

We left the ground pissed off at the score, the traffic, the weather, the atmosphere and the crap food. But most frustrating thing all day was the patheticness of the stewards and police who wanted to strictly enforce the no standing policy. To state it clearly, THERE IS NOTHING DANGEROUS ABOUT US STANDING. If anyone has any doubts please contact me on this issue or visit

All in all a bad day. Out the cup, speeding fine, and all hopes of another Treble over. Could be worse, we could all be City fans.

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