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Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool

I am not sure if this match will have any bearing in the championship but either way it was still a horrible night.

I have been unlucky enough to be at all 5 of our consecutive defeats to our most hated rivals, and last night left a bad taste in my mouth.

I genuinely thought we would hammer them. They have been playing so badly against weak sides and United have been on a role, so it could not have been a better time to play them.

The atmosphere was red hot as for the first time in a few years it was not a morning kick off. Old Trafford was as loud as it has been for a long time, but the game never lived up to expectation. There were few chances, and United, for all their hard work and passing, never really tested Dudek. Liverpool played it brilliantly in terms of tactics; they rarely allowed us to get the ball into their area and played on the counter attack which in the end led to their winner.

In a night when everything went wrong it was fully expected that there would be awful roadworks on the way home. But let us just hope that in May the roads will be clear and United will be clear at the top of the table too. And just remind any Scousers that 6 points won’t win them the league.

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