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Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd

There was a somewhat sombre atmosphere by the fair weather fan presence in Cardiff. Due to the tickets being put on general sale many day trippers and muppets took their chance to watch the reds in action. Fair play to them, but it didn’t help the atmosphere.

When we arrived in rainy Cardiff the streets were packed with fans from both sides and it relatively peaceful, although it was later reported a United fan was stabbed. The stadium itself was an awesome sight, which rivalled any ground I’ve seen. The roof being closed did not seem to make much difference although the players later claimed it had improved what I thought what was a sour atmosphere.

The game was played competitively and I cannot honestly claim that United did not mind losing. Yet reds should take heart from the second half showing and from the class of Ruud Van Nistelrooy who brought the crowd to life. United deserved at least a draw and had it not been for the ref we surely would have won.

At the final whistle I left as quickly as possible; I will never watch Liverpool lift a trophy. We went out for a couple of drinks and had a nice meal in little Italian bistro that Giggsy and Sparky are often seen in according to the photos on the walls. The car journey home was long and tedious especially after losing to the Scousers, but I’m still pretty confident that it will be us laughing next May. I predict now that we will win the league in England, the FA Cup in Wales and finally the European Cup in Scotland.

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