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Man Utd 0-1 West Ham

This season has been all about false dawns. After the remarkable comeback against Spurs there was a feeling that it would kick-start the season. Then after Anfield many reds thought the misery would make the players start fighting for pride again. Following a great performance in Munich the lads seemed back on course, but Arsenal crushed that hope. And now, following a strong team win over Boavista, it all went wrong once again.

I am writing this feeling very negative. It is almost half way through the season and we are already a long way off the top. The European performances have been no more than a consolation for a poor showing in the league.

Against West Ham the lads on the pitch battled hard, and did not deserve to lose. West Ham had one chance and scored one goal, yet with over twenty minutes left, United had plenty of time to make up for it but didn’t.

Two home league games in a row and not one goal scored. I fully expect them to make ammends against Derby, but it may be a case of too little too late.

We’ll keep the red flag flying high cos Man United will never die.

As someone in the Strettie sang at half time….

“Follow follow follow, cos United are going Intertoto. Indeed its no lie, we’ll play in July, cos United are going Intertoto”

Lets just hope its Glasgow in May. The league might go on loan for a year down East Lancs Road, but form is temporary and class is permenant.

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