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Man Utd 2-0 Leicester

Anyone who thinks United’s empire is about to collapse may sadly be mistaken. Unfortunately for most of the country every time we look down and out we just refuse to lay down and die.

United did not play well today, but they did not need to. A negative Leicester refused to try and play football; instead they were happy to try and stop the reds from entertaining an expectant crowd.

This would normally be one of the less attractive fixtures of the season but due to current form a good win was vital today to regain confidence before Munich, Arsenal and Chelsea. The atmosphere was pretty awful mainly due to the poor standard of football. All the usual chants were sung, as well as a new crowd favourite.

To the tune of the Great Entertainer: ‘follow, follow, follow, cos United are going to Glasgow, there will be thousands of reds, pissed of their heads, cos United are going to Glasgow.’ It may be wishful thinking, but it’s still a great tune!

Also Noteable were the facts we kept a clean sheet, Barthez was solid, and Yorkey scored. All the criticised players responded well to the pressure.

There is not too much else to report on this game. After long journeys to Anfield and Highbury all in the space of 36 hours its nice to see the boys winning again, but they did not do it in a reasuring style.

Still, Liverpool and Arsenal dropped points and all of a sudden first place is back in our sights. If the ‘crisis’ is over then it was not all that bad. Keano and Giggsy are back, and Im more optimistic. Good results against Munich and Arsenal and the press will be eating their words.

As the song goes, ‘Just like a team that is gonna win the football league again, we shall not be moved.’

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