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United 1 Chelsea 2

Ever since the fixtures were published last June, this has been billed as the title decider. Had United won the match that may well have been the race finished, but losing does not necessarily rule us out. It is a huge blow, and one I am still dismayed about, but there could well be some twists and turns left yet. Chelsea are rightly going to be favourites from here and I won’t be remotely surprised if they stay top until May 8th, but all we can do is get behind our own side and hope the lads avenge this loss.

For the last three years United have been labelled a one man team - firstly Ronaldo and now Rooney. The problem now is that no one seems to be stepping up the plate in the latter’s absence in the way Rooney did after Ronaldo left. It is one thing to beat Wolves and Bolton without Rooney, but the likes of Berbatov need to step up in decisive matches if we have any hope of finishing top in the league or challenging Bayern on Wednesday. I fear for both competitions now and think the season may well be over, and questions need to be asked about our lack of fire-power. The Benzema deal not coming off and the £30m spent on Berbatov seem to the biggest problems, as well as obvious concerns about Tevez leaving and a reliance on Michael Owen who was never going to be fit all season!

Manchester was full of gloating City fans as I got bck to Piccadilly, many of them about to head off to Burnley where their day got even better. Just as things could not get any worse for me, Arsenal went and won with a last minute goal (again) to further ruin my day. Luckily the David Haye fight on Saturday put a smile back on my face - our amazing ringside seats were truly memorable - but only until Sunday morning when I saw the headlines and was forced to remember the offside Drogba goal once again.  

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