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United 2 Liverpool 1

The sun was shining, United were winning and the at the end of the day we were top of the league too. How good can one day be?! The match might have been as dull as a 2 hour interview with Alan hansen, but at this stage of the season a win is a win, and doing it against that lot is always a pleasure.

Everyone has seen the game so there is little point in recalling it, other than to commend Darren Fletcher, show surprise at Park netting with his head and laugh at Stevie G for being absolutely woeful. Then, of course, we have to mention Torres’ petulant behaviour kicking the penalty spot and generally rolling around like a little girl. That team are rattled, their fans were awful and surely 4th place is well beyond them now.

On the way home we had the pleasure of listening to Chelsea throw away 2 points at Blackburn. It was the perfect way to round off the weekend and enjoy a week off top of the league, still in Europe and with everything to play for. They, of course, still have Thursday nights on channel Five.

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