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United 3 Fulham 0

United have come a long way since losing at Craven Cottage. That day the team could have played all night and not scored, whereas now we can put away seven in two legs against AC Milan. But every Red who witnessed that terrible performance against Fulham last year wanted revenge, and there was no better time to do it than in the title run in, after Fulham had also had a knackering trip to Juventus. Fortunately for us, the boys did not disappoint. At some stage during the run in we are going to have some bad days, that is the nature of how these things work. I personally hope we avoid that being in the games against Liverpool or Chelsea, but it could just as easily be away at Bolton or Sunderland. At half time yesterday it felt like it could be one of those days too- we were easily the best team but chances were few and far between. I had concerns that Berbatov wasplaying well but was ultimately not going to break the deadlock, while Rooney was arguably being a bit too selfish and shooting at every opportunity. In hindsight I could not have been more wrong- all the great strikers are a bit greedy and Rooney ended up with two goals to his name, plus Berbatov was man of the match and created the goal of the game as well as scoring the third. Half time was too early to panic and this was a reasonably easy day at the office on reflection.

It was not an easy day at the office for the Glazers again though. Yet again, when the game was won, the fans’ attention turned to the owners and their disgraceful behaviour towards the club and its supporters. Some still don’t understand the hatred when the team is so successful and some are cynical about the Red Knights, but the vast majority DO twirl their green and gold scarves and DO take the time to learn what an awful state the club’s finances are in. The banners once again came out despite the best efforts of the stewards, and it once again ignited the crowd.

So, eight games to go and every chance of that forth title. Next Sunday is a huge banana skin and you just know Liverpool will pull a performance out of the bag somehow. It is up to us to rip them apart and expose them for the poor, negative and disillusioned side that they are.

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