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United 5 Portsmouth 0

The team’s planning for this game was probably quite simple- score some goals against the weakest side in the league and go top of the table. However, for fans, recent developments with the stewards, special CES security and the police meant military precision was needed just to get a plain flag into the ground with no words on it. While other grounds turn a blind eye to flares, beer bottles and laser pens, Old Trafford no longer allows green and gold flags. Great.

David Gill claimed last week that fans would not care about protesting as long as the time was winning. He seems to have got that a bit wrong. Three leagues in a row, 2 Champions League finals in a row, already in the Carling Cup final, favourites to beat AC Milan and top of the table, yet still the green and gold outnumbered the red, and even the Pompey fans wore our coloured scarves out of solidarity- arranged by IMUSA members who met them at an M6 service station knowing CES would block any joint activity near the ground. Even at 5-0 the anti-Glazer chants were louder than anything else, reaching their peak when the stewards piled in to confiscate the green and gold flag unveiled by MUST.

On the pitch it was all too easy. Pompey held out for 40 minutes and even created a few chants of their own, but when it rains it pours and 1-0 quickly became 5-0 and it could have been more. I feel very sorry for Pompey fans, they have been shat on from a great height, and I’d love it if they could turn things around and stay up somehow.

This was also the Munich anniversary, and only the seventh time it had fallen on a Saturday since the crash. Before kick off thousands gathered by the clock to sing the Flowers of Manchester followed by a rendition of We’ll Never Die - it was extremely moving and the turn out was huge compared to other years as well.  Inside the ground the minute’s silence was of course kept perfectly and the performance was one that would have done the Babes proud.

So, top of the league with 2/3 of the season gone and hope that Chelsea can slip up this afternoon against Arsenal. Wednesday too will be a big night with United and Chelsea both facing tough away games. In a few weeks time a lot might have been decided in both league and European competition, but the probability is that both will still be wide open. Off the pitch the fans are going to keep stepping up the campaign to oust the blood sucking owners, who I am sure will have more interest in tonight’s Super Bowl than the game of football with the round ball that they call soccer.

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