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Due to technical problems I have not been able to update the blog for a few games, so thought a quick update would sort it out.

1. Burnley - revenge for that August defeat was sweet but the scoreline flattered United. The Burnley fans were great, Chris Eagles caused us loads of problems, but our three goals ensured the points were all ours. The game will be remembered for two things - firstly Diouf scoring on his debut and secondly the protests starting after 80 minutes against the Glazers. The noise was deafening and caught the media’s attention loud and clear. It set the scene for the green and gold campaign which is now well underway.

2. City - an undeserved defeat on a chaotic night ruined by a dodgy referee. This was an incredible night, a tense game, a hostile environment and an amazing atmosphere from both sides of the divide. United were so unlucky to lose it but revenge on Wednesday is still possible. Bring it on - the atmopshere will be electric and things on the pitch should be pretty tense too.

3. Hull- the Rooney show. Yes Rooney was the star of the show but this was all about the growing tension between the club and its fans. They have ignored us, they have treated us badly and now they demand our loyalty - but the world doesn’t work that way. The¬†Newton Heath¬†campaign is well and truly alive and the Stretford End rocked with new colours and anti-Glazer songs. Green and gold til the club is sold. It will have hit home to Gill and co who sat in the directors box looking awkward, and the fans will not show and signs of letting up, no matter what Fergie’s apathetic programme notes say.

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