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Birmingham 1 United 1

This game won’t be remembered for either of the goals, the chaos in the concourse at half time or the game itself- it will be memorable for the extreme cold that faced the 28,000 supporters, including 3,500 Reds. We parked in a road covered in snow, saw on the dashboard that it was -5 degrees, then proceeded to stand outside for the next two and a half hours with ice forming on the seats and around the pitch. And it is a good thing that this game had something else other than the performance to remember it for. United yet again had no fire power, no penetration and no width. Park was ineffective, Valencia could not get the ball and the central midfielders were frustrated by the lack of movement when they looked for options. Rooney had an extremely quiet game left alone up front, Fletcher was very harshly sent off and we relied on an own goal to take a point away from the game. It was hardly the performance we wanted to see after the disaster against Leeds.

Fans are getting really worried on the terraces now, as it has been a long time since a decent performance was put in against any vaguely decent opposition. Then today the news comes of United wanting to restructure the debts, with lots of financial tricks that in the long term look like only making things worse. Incredibly United’s £40m profit includes the £80m given to us for Ronaldo, so imagine how bad things would look without him being sold, let alone had we not won 3 back to back titles and played in 2 successive CL finals. Many believe that it is Ferguson’s choice not to spend, I am not one who agrees with that sentiment. We never needed to be Real Madrid’s feeder club pre-takeover, and why are we likely to replace Vidic. Giggs, Scholes etc any more than we did Ronaldo and Tevez. Are bargain basement signings the future? It appears so.   

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