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Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham

Last season was frustrating for all Reds. Firstly this was caused by our own failings, namely inconsistency, dropping points against weak teams and playing long balls over the top. Secondly, it was excruciating to see Chelsea sneak all 3 points nearly every week often undeserved, often against the run of play and often with negative tactics in which they took the league then held on until the final whistle. However, it is those tactics that ultimately won Chelsea the title and so, when United applied the same methods against Spurs yesterday, we should understand. Many Reds have complained about the poor performance against the North London side, and rightly so as it was fairly dire to watch, but it should also be remembered that we took the points with a clean sheet and Van der Saar was rarely called on throughout.

In the games against Fulham and Charlton United had heroes all over the pitch. Yesterday, however, there were few who stood out. Rio made a whole host of mistakes at the back, Richardson tried to beat men on the wing at every opportunity and could not, and Saha was far from sharp and missed some good chances. Only the rejuvenated Ryan Giggs really shone, with Wes Brown, Van der Saar and Ronaldo also putting in useful performances. As for Spurs, they should feel disappointed at this result. United had few chances and Spurs had a lot of possession, but they failed to covert several free headers and did not punish United’s defensive errors. Spurs have a good record at Old Trafford in the last few years and this was a good chance for them to continue it.

So, on the plus side, United have maximum points, a good goal differences, are watching the rivals stutter every week and have Rooney and Scholes to return. However, on the down side, we have put in two bad performances, there is a shocking atmosphere despite the increased capacity, and we have a squad lacking in depth as the season continues. It is very early days and so we will need to watch this space.

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