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Man Utd 0 Leeds United 1

An embarassing, shameful, poor and shocking performance will live long in the hearts of people on both sides of the Penines. Leeds, their 10,000 fans, their hard working and organised players, and their locally born manager, deserve every single bit of credit that goes their way. I truly hate Leeds United, Ken Bates and their fans but on this day they represented all that was good about football. We, on the other hand, let ourselves down badly. The team on the pitch should have easily have won on paper, and the lack of passion shown by our players was in sharp contrast to the visitors who knew what the rivalry meant to those in the stands. Fergie cannot be blamed for this- he put a team out that should have done the job, only the players can look themsleves in the mirror after this one.

I could try and scrape around for silver linings- perhaps Fergie will realise how awful Owen is or be tempted to make a signing- but let’s face it, this is more the time to wallow.

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