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Fulham 3 United 0

Fulham is a tough place to go and they usually give us a tough game. However, very few people would have predicted that they would totally turn us over and beat us with such ease. This result might be highly damaging and has been on the cards for a while, but that did not help to ease the pain of a fairly shameful performance. Going to Fulham is usually an enjoyable experience. The ground is old school with all its pillars and nuances, and is set on the river Thames, which essentially means the away fans freeze from the howling winds blowing across the Putney End. The atmosphere from visiting fans is one of the best in the country, and even on the tube on the way to the ground the carriages were full of noise from the Reds travelling from Euston to Putney Bridge. And even at 3-0 down the United end will in full voice with a fifteen minute version of ‘this is how it feels to be City’. Little did we know Hughes was being sacked at the time.

United’s selection was strange. Only three men in defence, Evra in midfield and Owen ahead of Berbatov. Obertan did not get a look in but it was even stranger to think that this is the second time in a week Fergie has gone for Owen over his £30m striker. Owen’s hatrick in Wolfsburg seems to have fooled a few people into thinking he might actually be quite good, whereas nothing could be futher from the truth. He is a useless football who offers nothing to the game, whereas Berbatov has a far larger impact despite his return rate in goals.

The simple fact is that United had a really off day, but that this has been on the cards for a while. I can totally understand the defence conceding three goals, yet I cannot get my head around our forward play being so awful. We could have played all night and still not scored, in fact I genuinely cannot think of a save that we forced their keeper to make. Our lack of width is worrying. Everything came through the middle and any half decent defence can deal with that. Not one good cross or corner was delivered into the box the entire game from a United player until Rooney was switched to the left wing.

Unfortunately this was not an isolated result. That was our second bad defeat in a week, and the second in which we had no penetration upfront. Chelsea havce a fairly easy game today and a victory would see them six points clear, with Arsenal also now ahead of us if they win their game in hand. But the points and the league table are not the problem, it is our own play which does not suggest we will do much better in the games coming up. Hopefully this result will be a wake up call to a number of people.

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