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Liverpool 2 United 0

I hate going to Anfield. Everything about it is grim. The boarded up houses by the ground, the smell of sewers by the away end, the screechy scouse accents and the crap ground when you get inside. The reason we go there is to win and get one over on them in their own back yard, so to lose yesterday was a real low in my season so far.

We arrived in Liverpool pretty early and say both teams arrive. The majority of those cheering the home players and later booing the away coach were foreigners, and we were able to chant ’United’ over them without anyone saying a word back to us. We headed in to the stands pretty early as is not much else around, only were greeted by a banner over the refreshment kiosk saying “Liverpool welcomes all Man United fans.” What was that about- we don’t want to be welcomed and we certainly don’t want friendliness between the clubs and fans. Still, it did not go as far as when United put photographs of Liverpool’s European cup wins in their section at Old Trafford a few years back.

We went out to get some fresh air and saw Steven Gerrard with his wife walking around the side of the pitch in jeans. This was the first indication he would not be playing, and was a welcomed relief. Unfortunately the tourists in the United end were asking him for autographs and he duly obliged- that ranks with the idiots in K stand who could be seen last year taking photos of Gerrard as he kissed the camera after scoring.

The atmosphere through the game was pretty poor. I have seen some reports suggesting the stadium was turned into a fortress but I really thought the home fans were awful. As were our lot by the way- it was not the most impressive support I have seen or heard by any stretch. The only real banter came when United threw hundreds of beach balls on before kick off- predictable, quite amusing but ultimately pointless!

On the pitch things did not work for us. We looked off the pace, short of ideas going forward and they managed to keep players like Rooney out of the game by pressuring them quickly.  I don’t want to harp on about the ref or decisions, because ultimately we did not do enough to win the game and should not blame anyone else, but on a different day it might have worked out differently if a few big shouts had been called our way. Carragher should have been off for a start, but no real complaints over Vidic.

We were held in for about 20 minutes after the game and treated to the usual idiocy of scousers bating us with Munich arms and five times signs as they left to go back to their shite lives in a shite place. Some of them just did not want to go home and had to be pushed out by stewards- sad twats. But if things work out like last season and we win the league again, then this defeat will be easier to take. If, however, we play like this again at Chelsea in two weeks time I fear we will not be in a good place.  Yet you expect a reaction from United and hopefully it will come, afterall the media will always say we missed Ronaldo but what did he do when we lost at Anfield last season? The others will have to step up their game now and as always prove the doubters wrong.

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