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United 2 Bolton 1

Bolton are always a tricky proposition, and I was slightly concerned that without Rooney and Vidic, and on the back of a 2-2 home draw and international break, our players might get caught out. This was always going to be the sort of game in which three points would be three points, no matter how scrappy or awkward, so ultimately we should all be glad the we came out ok. We have a huge week ahead, namely the travelling involved for the game in Moscow and the small matter of a grudge match at Anfailed, so going into it on the back of a reasonably decent performance without any serious injury concerns is all positive. The atmosphere at Old Trafford was incredibly subdued and many regulars were not there. I am not sure why this was, after all a rare 3pm kick off is treated like gold dust these days, but it did not exactly help create a cauldron of noise. The small number of Bolton fans, who obviously think a trip to Manchester requires a visa, were pretty quiet too, making for a pretty dull day in the stands. On the pitch, however, United had the perfect start  when Owen’s tame header somehow came off Knight and rolled into the net. United continuted to gently press for a second and had a few chances, but so too did Bolton with Taylor and Davies missing fairly good chances. Overall though, they were not really in the game and United were surviving in second gear. One run of pace from Valencia, however, and it was 2-0- a cracking finish but credit to G Nev for makiing the run to be in a position to play the one-two.

At half time I was pretty please. An easy-ish game, no injuries, three points seemingly in the bag and the added bonus of Chelsea having lost and the scousers being one down thanks to a scally with a beach ball. The second half started brightly too, with United creating a number of good chances. Owen missed two he really ought to have put away whilst the keeper made a superb stop from Berbatov after an audacious acrobatic attempt. Then out of nowehere Bolton scored and the whole game swung. A very nervy last ten minutes made slightly less painful by Bolton’s inability to put a header to either side of VDS. It was pretty tense but United hung on to take maximum points- phew.

We really do not like doing things the easy way and it was almost as if we were finding it too simple at 2-0 after 70 mins and had to make the plot more exciting. In some ways that is infuriating, but we came through in the end and can take heart from the resolve at the end. Now the team need to go to Moscow, avoid injuries, save their strength and give 100% at Anfield to rub even more salt into the scouse wounds.

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  1. Oisin :: October 21st, 2009 4:38 pm

    Yeah, I’m Pretty pleased with that result, after all we were still missing our two star players, Rooney and Vidic. :)

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