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United 4 City 3

I cannot remember a more over-hyped derby day for many years, and the tension in the air was apparent for anyone within then near vicinity of
Manchester. The ridiculous posters City put up around the city and the comments of Hughes and Tevez ahead of the game had all stoked up the fire further, not exactly then quelled by Ferguson either. Usually these games do not live up to such hype and Sky’s sensationalism, but this one certainly did.  

I have rarely heard Old Trafford so loud before kick off, and usually such a racquet is reserved for important European games with an evening kick off. The place was buzzing and two minutes in Rooney turned the volume up a few notches when he scored the opener. It was a fantastic finish and was celebrated with such elation, as little did we know what was to happen later in the game. Tevez was being hounded and victimised in the stands, with ‘whose that twat from
Argentina’ being aired time and time again. United bossed City on the pitch and looked to have the better of them, until a ridiculous bit of indecision from Foster was seized upon by Tevez. We had thrown away the lead and at that moment the game turned. The ground fell a bit quiet, the City fans were jubilant, and City’s players took over the match and looked extremely dangerous. How Tevez missed on the stroke of half time is beyond me, but fortunately he did.  

I was fairly pessimistic at half time. We had failed to take advantage of the spell after our goal when we were on top, and City were now all over us. We looked short of ideas going forward and their confidence was growing as the minutes were ticking by. Yet the match took a turn for the better just a few minutes after the interval when super Fletch headed in. It all seemed to have swung back our way, then Bellamy went and scored an absolute screamer. No one was really in the mood to appreciate his strike, but in hindsight it was a stunner. Queue twenty minutes of immense United pressure that City somehow withstood. Given was incredible and Berbatov should have had at least two goals, but the ball just could not find the net. The City fans were totally silenced but I was starting to feel totally deflated, as if we had missed our chance to win the game. Then Fletch popped up again and, we all thought, had won the match. Everyone knows what happened

City equalised and then Owen won it, causing me to fall down the steps with large grown men falling on me and going mental. Some of the best celebrations ever at Old Trafford made all the sweeter by the television shots I saw later on of Hughes and Tevez.  

In the aftermath of this amazing game City have shown their true bitter colours. The stoppage time debate will go on and on to mask the result, with Hughes forgetting the simple rules of the game by thinking four minutes is the maximum they can play. He seems to have forgotten his team had just as many added minutes to win the game too. Then there were the callers on 606 saying Neville has to be banned for his celebrations – you wot?! Meanwhile Fergie can stand tall and smug whilst Hughes and co fume. They may come up with cheesy posters, but we go about winning football matches and making history.

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  1. EUGENE GARVEY :: September 23rd, 2009 8:18 am

    Great result. Mark was a legend when at United but I am starting to dislike him-why does he not just accept defeat-City had that extra time to score a winner as well or were big team city happy to settle for a draw in their biggest game of the season. And for hardman bellamy running 15 yards to hit a red who was being held by stewards what a coward and I am sure will get extra treatment from reds fan in future.

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