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Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal

And so United got what they deserved. After several weeks of scraping wins and kidding many that all was well at Team Glazer, United finally cam unstuck. United looked out of sorts against a confident Arsenal side and eventually came unstuck. Despite several great chances, including a powerful volley from Ronaldo and a great header from Saha, this was a poor performance. The result was fair, but this made it no less amusing nor tolerable for Reds, especially those of us having to share service stations afterwards with their supporters.

It is hard to find silver linings in this game. On the pitch there were two major issues. Firstly, players who did not have the ability nor the passion. Whilst credit must go the likes of Darren Fletcher, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes who tried their best, others did not seem interested. John O’Shea, Wes Brown and Rooney did not only play badly, but their body language looked all wrong. Rooney has an excuse as he is perhaps not match fit, the rest do not. Secondly, the selection and tactics set us up for a fall. The mind baffles why O’Shea started ahead of Carrick. Others are questioning why Ronaldo was playing on the wrong side, when Richardson may have played left instead of Fletcher right. I do not necessarily agree with this as Richardson could easily have had a worse game than Fletcher did, and Ronaldo could have been just as ineffective. As it happens, Ronaldo still had two of our best strikes on goal, one of which still cheered up the crowd no-end when it smashed Lehman in the face. It was also strange to see Scholes substituted when he was our outstanding player, to make way for Carrick who should already have been playing.

Off the pitch the game was also embarrassing. Never before have I seen United outsung by Arsenal, and this was the case throughout, even with the scores level. Their atmospheres have been dismal this season yet they still came to our ground and performed. Fergsuon proved right I guess, not that his bosses’ decisions help. Execs seats across the Strettie, new quadrants filled with suits, the hardcore shoved up in Tier 2, loads of others priced out totally and more of the same to come in the future. And then THEY moan about the atmosphere and people leaving for FC. Dear oh dear.

All in all, a bad day out. The league tables still looks good but confidence will have taken a real blow and the next few fixtures may be tricky.

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