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United 0 Arsenal 0 CHAMPIONS

They are a club with many problems, we had already dumped them out of Europe and now they had to watch us win the title- great stuff Arsenal. But today was not about them, it was about United and in many ways Liverpool too. You can just imagine merseyside watching with fingers crossed pinning all their hopes on a late Arsenal goal, but it never came in such a dismal game and that moment when the final whistle sounded was just fantastic.

This season has been so much more tense than many others due to the challenge of Liverpool. And don’t tell them this, but I really respect the challenge they have given us and the resolve they showed to get back in the title race and keep putting us under pressure. After we lost at Fulham and then had that horrid 2 week gap without a game I feared the worst, especially when they beat Fulham in stoppage time to rub our noses in it. I could see the momentum we had and that we were stuttering, not helped when they were dumped out of Europe and could focus on each and every league game. But United rose to that challenge and are laughing last now. And in hindsight that Liverpool challenge was great, as now our victory is all the more sweet.

Rafa Benitez has sought to wind us up this season and so yesterday was time to finally have the last laugh. “18 times and that’s a fact” echoed around Old Trafford at the final whistle with everyone remembering that it was also Giggs 11 Gerrard 0 in the trophy haul. Benitez’s rant earlier in the season was a gift to United fans to now use against him and “are you watching Merseywise” was the other obvious favourite- and I bet they were watching too.

After the game the players made their way off the field whilst the stage was built and the fireworks were set uo. It was all very over elaborate and was accompanied by tacky music such as Tina Turner’s simply the best, not to mention the enormous amount of Barclays branding all over everything. Eventually the players came bouncing out the tunnel in a mass huddle and made their way up the red carpet to the podium. Each player’s name was read out as they received their medal and Tevez was given an extrodinary reception to reflect the love the crowd has for him. Then it was Gary Neville’s chance to left the trophy which he did as soon as he could then turned around and jumped into the crowd of players behind him.  There is nothing that bonds players like winning trophies but this group of players clearly have the most amazing bond anyway and long may it last. The traditional speech by Fergie and lap of honour was all fantastic, and it was all with the knowledge that we are off to Rome to try and keep hold of the holy grail.

18 titles, 3 in a row and off to Rome. Those are the facts fat Rafa should take note off as he keeps up his waitering duties during the off season. Fergie 11 Rafa 0, Giggs 11 Gerrard 0, Scholes 9 Fowler 0, Anderson 2 Fabregas 0. CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS!  

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