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United 5 Spurs 2

It has been a very busy week for football. The aftermath of the Wembley pitch fiasco has somewhat overshadowed Everton’s victory over us, and many United fans were too busy slating Ferguson’s team selection and Berbatov’s shambolic penalty to even recognise the significance of the win against Portsmouth after Liverpool dropped points in the thriller against Arsenal. Add to that the excitement ahead of the Champions League ties coming up, not to mention the tension between Rafa and Fergie, you can see why the sports journos have had been working late. But putting all that aside, United had to go out and win against Spurs to continue our fantastic home form and make Liverpool’s task even harder. And that is what they did.

I know Ferguson’s team selection at Wembley is one of contention among Reds but I never felt we would win every trophy going anyway so thought it would be justified should we beat Pompey and Spurs with the players having had an extra small rest. The job was done on Wednesday night but Tottenham was always going to be a harder challenge and one that the players would need to be up for. Before the game everything was going well- the sun was shining, the team selection was strong and the atmosphere was good. Spurs might have crap home fans but their following has always been good and they did well to bring large numbers up for what is effectively a meaningless game being played at a stupid time. The Stretford End was also in good form as the game began, and the team responded in kind playing good slick football.

Wind forwards 45 mins and United were 2-0 down, looking shambolic and had sections of the crowd on their backs. Heads were in hands, I felt physically sick and you could just imagine Stevie G and co watching at home with broad grins. The half time whistle went and there was a mixed reaction. The majority of Reds applauded the team off getting behind them putting faith in them, whilst some booed and jeered like completer knob ends, causing a lot of tension in the concourses afterwards. How some people can boo a team of this quality after just 45 bad minutes is incredible, and I hope they remembered how ridiculous they had been an hour later.

The United players came back onto the pitch after the break with their heads up and got a great reception from a crowd that knew it had to help spur them on. Tevez replaced the woeful Nani, along with Rooney being moved to the wing, it instantly changed the game. We all know what happened next- devastatingly brilliant football leading to 5 goals in just over 20 minutes and Old Trafford going mad. It is rare to see all 4 sides of the ground on their feet singing their hearts out but this game, along with Macheda’s goal against Villa, brought out the best of the crowd. At half time some people felt we could get back into the game, but no one thought that half way through the second half we would be cruising with a 3 goal lead and showboating.

At the final whistle I did not want to leave the ground. Berbatov had put in a great performance to answer his critics, Tevez had shown why we need to keep him, and Rooney had shown that he truely is world class. This was the perfect result to go into Wednesday’s match with and one that will have pshycologically damaged Liverpool too. Title 18 is one step nearer and just 3 wins and a draw from 5 games will be enough to guarantee it.

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  1. andyhoughton :: April 28th, 2009 7:30 am

    i agree with you mate on the mighty comeback but berbatov is still not justyfying his price tag.this is no time for passengers,everyone has to give he giving that.?

  2. Oli :: April 28th, 2009 5:13 pm

    No he is not Andy and I am very critical of him. However, the counter argument is that Ronaldo did not give 110% last season and was phenomenal, and Cantona rarely tackled back either. Some players are not about work rate- my fear for this team though is that there are two like that up front (Ronaldo and Berbatov) and one only can be carried by the rest at a time.

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