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Unied 1 Liverpool 4

This was supposed to be a great day and the one on which we pretty much sealed the title. However, as you all know, things did not go to plan and we ended up on the losing end of a 4-1 score line. What started so well ended up so badly but it is still in our hands to make up for it.

The day started well, with the sun shining and confidence high after Wednesday’s win. The line up was strong, the atmosphere was fantastic and after Vidic’s goal it was even better. We baited and taunted the scousers as our 10 point advantage was taking shape, with a game in hand of course. But somehow we were 2-1 down at half despite having been the better team and despite Liverpool having only had one shot on goal.

At half time the talk under the stands was still confident and that we would do them in the second half. But Reina did not have a save to make, the strikers were hardly in the game and mistakes at the back left the scoreboatrd reading 4-1, despiteĀ a triple substitution which saw Giggs, Scoles amd Berabtov come on.

As the game ended the stadium emptied quicker than ever before. A minute after Liverpool’s forth goal Old Trafford was almost empty, which said it all. The away fans enjoyed their day out, and so they should do. If it was the other way round we would be on cloud 9.

I went out last night and was cheered up by a Red who told me he was glad we lost. I looked rather puzzled but he explained that hope is crule and that when we go on to win the title they will fall all the worse for it. I am not totally convinced by that, because ultimately this means we now need to take every league game more seriously and it could affect Europe, but there is some merit in observing just how giddy they were.

It is up to United how they respond to this. Fulham are beatable, we saw that last week, and it is important that the players come out hungry next saturday and avenge this awful defeat. And should we draw Liverpool in the Champions League we need to beat them too, to get the best revenge possible. A bad day but hopefully one that by late May won’t have dreadful consequenses.

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  1. Darren :: March 15th, 2009 6:56 pm

    Gutted to lose like that. But, as usual, United never make things easy on us…

  2. princess nyoka :: April 19th, 2009 8:44 pm

    this was a disgrace for us the man u fans

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