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Inter Milan 0 United 0

Going to Italy to see United is always a mix of excitement and trepidation. A great match lay ahead anxd a wonderful stadium awaited but then there were also the policing concerns and the fear we would lose to a dodgy deflection in typical Mourinho fashion. As it turned out none of those fears came true- the away Reds were treated reasonably and the home team did not score- and United walked away from Milan with their heads held very high.

When we arrived in Milan on Tuesday afternoon the sun was shining and the main square was packed full of Reds singing in full voice. We did not have long though so we had had a quick wander around the centre, checked into our hotel and got ready to head to the stadium. The tram from the centre towards the San Siro was full of the scumiest Reds I have see for a long time singing racist songs and forcing elderly women to give up their seats. Shameful behaviour and you almost felt like apologising on behalf of United fans. On arrival at the stadium it is always impressive, huge towering stands and those gigantic colums supporting its weight. As usual the Italian authorities could not organise the entrances properly, so all 4,300 Reds had to pass through one gate, one by one, to get into the stand. There was then only one security and ticket checkpoint leading to further problems, and then only one set of steps up into the stands. Inside half the stand was already packed but the other end to the entrance was reasonably empty so we made or way over there and took up a place near the back with the protection of the overhang being fully aware of the home fans’ ability to pelt coins down. To be fair not much came over the top and there was also no police presence in our section- a lesson maybe learned from Roma.

I don’t even want to discuss the match. We hammered them and had them on the ropes good and proper. It was the best European away performance for years and it is a terrible injustice that we did not get the away goal. Before kick off there was a furious reaction to the teamsheet- namely that Rooney was not starting- but every Red has to hold their hands up and say Fergie yet again knew best. The home fans could not be heard at all as they were so quiet, other than the odd groan, and there was not any trouble either. We came to the San Siro, outplayed them, outsung them and left with our heads held high.

At the final whistle we were held in the ground for around 40 minutes and then were only let out through one tiny exit in the bottom corner. There were no trams waiting and so when one turned up there was another crush to get on it. Well done the Italian authorities again! 

United may well pay for not scoring the away goal. If Inter score first at Old Trafford, or indeed get a lucky late goal as Mourinho’s Porto did that time, we will be in trouble. However, the game should tell our players that they do not have to fear what was ultimately a much weaker side than we were led to believe. The team that played last night- especially Carrick and Fletcher- plus Rooney, Tevez and co, are well capable of progressing to the next round. Our journey home was a flight half full of Reds and half full of Juve fans on their way to Chelsea. We wished them luck of course!

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