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United 2 Blackburn 1

Winning the Premier League is about getting the most points, not keeping clean sheets, and so whilst the media go on about our defensive record finally being over we should just be glad we won the game. It was a very average performance in which the players surely had an eye on Tuesday’s game in the San Siro, but importantly we came away unscathed despite a few scares. The first half saw United fail to really test Robinson and there was a sense of relief when we took the lead, brilliant poaching by Rooney. The goal went in and many assumed that was it- suddenly we went into cruise control and the passing got slicker. However, Blackburn had other ideas and nine minutes later ended our ridiculous defensive record. Evans and Rio left a huge gap between them, Santra Cruz ran into it, Kusczsak came out and went to ground poorly, Santa Cruz went round him and slotted in. It was woeful defending that certainly won’t help Evans’ confidence ahead of Tuesday- if he plays that is having been injured- and that left United with a lot of work to do. The ground was silent for a moment as Blackburn had failed to sell even 1000 away tickets, before the usual encouriging cries of United came out.

At half time we were able to see replays of an Evans goal on the stroke of half time. There was no reason why it was disallowed- but of course the second half would mean no one would remember that as they would be too busy ranting about a penalty not awarded to Blackburn. And yes, it probably should have been a penalty for Pedersen, but the over-reaction by the phone-in callers and some of the media was ridiculous. Luckily United got on with winning the game- a stunning, curling free kick from Ronaldo smashing into the net. Game over.

Blackburn deserve a lot of credit and were unlucky not to win. But it was a rather makeshift United side who had their minds already on the game on Tuesday. Fortunately we still came away with an eight point lead at the top of the table but the main negative is the possible injury to Jonny Evans who we need to be fit on Tuesday. As long as we keep winning though, I don’t think many Reds will be too bothered by the conceded goal.

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