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West Ham 0 United 1

The clean sheets cannot go on forever and nor can the winning streak. But West Ham came no closer to breaking either run and it will take a team with more penetration and sparkle to get the ball past Van Der Saar. United were not at their best but the difference between the two sides was Ryan Giggs, a true legend, beating two men and scoring with his right foot to seal the victory. Ryan Giggs has been written off time and time again. Even before the match, as we gathered underneath the stands watching the end of the Arsenal game and had a sing, one Red I know said to me they did not want him starting on the wing. I can only imagine they were even less amused when they found out he was on the right wing.

The first half was largely uneventful. The game was fast but there were few chances, United’s best tipped over the bar by Robert Green from Ronaldo. Berbatov also had the ball in the net but was ruled offside, harshly. West Ham also came forwards with determination and Carlton Cole may have been more successful if he was not so cocky- on one occassion he tried to chip VDS when he could have shot, and on another he turned Rio but instead of shooting tried to turn him again. The half time whistle sounded and the home fans were by far the happier team to be drawing, even if their lack of voice through the first half ensured it was the Red Army who filled the ground with noise.

The second half got underway and, despite a bright opening from the home team, United started to turn the screw. A few corners, a few shots, a few Ronaldo runs down the wing but no real penetration. Then queue the genius of our two most experienced players on the house mark- a stunning Scholes pass to Giggs, who effortlessly beat two men and passed the ball into the net with his wrong foot. It was right in front of the away section and we went mental, people flying around falling over seats and all the players pushing Giggsy in front of us pointing at him as if to say ‘he’s the man’.  

The rest of the game was fairly uneventful, apart from the blatant penalty Ronaldo should have been awarded. The last half our was full of song, “are you watching Merseyside?” being one of the obvious ones. The final whistle went, we legged it out of a bleak moody part of London as quick as possible and listened to all the hard done by West Ham fans phoning in 909 as we drove hom. I’m not quite sure why they felt hard done by but maybe being outdone by a so called past it Welsh pensioner is not what they expected from their afternoon. We salute you Giggsy, bring on number 11.

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