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Spurs 0 United 0

I went to this game knowing it would be my last for a few months, due to an ankle operation which is currently keeping me sidelined. It has meant missing the trip to Tokyo and will keep me out until well after the Chelsea game, much to my dismay. So whilst I am an armchair fan I will get to see games from a different perspective, such as this morning having suffered the horror of Colin Murray, Andy Cole and Pat Nevin on Channel 5!

Anyway, back to Spurs, and it seemed to be a must win game. As I keep referencing seemingly every week, we don’t look like losing any of these tricky away games but also do not look like a side that will carve out chances and grab wins. Spurs was a chance to get three points and avenge the games at Everton and Villa where we tripped up. The day started with Arsenal drawing at Boro, which was another nail in the Gunners’ championship coffin. Then as we made our way to White Hart Lane Liverpool went 2-0 down at Hull, and although they pulled the two goals back it was still two dropped point for them. As the final scores came in we were gathered in a cafe opposite the away end at Spurs, where a tea was 80p but with a minimum spend of £3 a head- much chocolate was consumed! 20 minutes before kick off the owner kicked us out so he could lock up and go to the game- football over business any day- good luck to him!

Inside the ground United had extra seats in the lower tier in one corner, instead of the usual additional seats in the upper. Overall it meant a reduction from 3000 away fans to 1900, with Spurs and the council putting it down to us standing in previous years. Spurs and United fans alike thought this was ridiculous, with Spurs fans freely admitting that they stand at both White Hart Lane and Old Trafford without any repercussions. United’s 1900 still sung loudly and made themselves known.

United controlled the game, had huge amounts of possession, created more chances but could not put the ball away. And when Ronaldo did it was judged as handball. Giggs was denied in the dying seconds by a great save from Gomez, whilst Spurs rarely troubled United’s defence. 1-0 United would have been a fair result but we did not do enough to win and so 0-0 was just about right too. The result was made better by Chelsea failing to win at home to West Ham, meaning the top of the table looks the same but United have got a tricky fixture out the way.

In terms of the bigger picture, United need to start putting goals in the net. It is ok scoring 5 in the Carling Cup or in Tokyo, but we need to consistently score 2 or 3 goals in league games rather than continue to scrape and grind. I am confident the goals will come though, just look at the quality of the players, and at least our title rivals are not playing any better than us. At times it seems no one wants to win this league though right now, surely that will change and it is up to United to want it the most.

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