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United 3 Boro 1

Many United fans wanted United to lose this match- they see it as a meaningless competition that serves little purpose other than costing money in tickets that the club forces fans to buy. However, when the game got going yesterday I did want United to come through it unscathed, especially after Pogatez’s awful challenge had soured the match.

I was in Manchester for work on the day of the game and jumped on the metro to get to Old Trafford. Going into the ground it was clear how empty it would be, and indeed there were over 20,000 more empty seats than against Coventry this time last year. 53k is still a very impressive attendance for a midweek fixture in the League Cup but the atmosphere was strange, especially as there cannot have been more than 600 or so Boro fans. That was because of the mad ticket prices- Arsenal offered their stadium for £10 and £5 kids where as United fans paid full whack.

The team was a mix of the first team and young kids. Ronaldo made his first start, but was suroounded by younger players such as Danny Welbeck, Possebon and De Silva. Every one of these kids performed brilliantly and the fast flowing, fluent football was great to watch. United could have been a few goals up by the break but only managed one goal- Ronaldo heading in from a corner. The second half saw a lucky equaliser against the run of play that sparked United into life and saw the team step it up a gear. The goals did eventually come from Giggs and Nani - both from defensive errors- and the game was won fairly. However, the whole night was ruined by a ridiculous foul by Pogatez on Possebon. Southgate had the decency to apologise on behalf of his player but that won’t make Possebon, who looked in agony, feel any better and why can the player himself not come out and admit fault?

Overall this was a good win- great for confidence, and a stylish performance to help develop the career of some very talented kids.   

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