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Chelsea 1 United 1

United went to Stamford Bridge on bad form, and this was the perfect opportunity to make it up. The team will have the most awful week in training on the back of a terrible performance at Anfield, and had a point to prove as they drove up at Chelsea. And their detrmination paid off- from the very start they outplayed Chelsea, took the game to them, created chances and showed that they can still bounceback as well as ever.

The team’s efforts eventually paid off when Park knocked in Berbatov’s parried shot. It sent the United fans behind the goal wild and was thoroughly deserved. The away fans had been taunting Chelsea, and namely John Terry, about Moscow throughout and now we had a 1-0 score to add to the festivities. Terry’s every touch was cheered by the Red end of the ground whilst “Champions of England, Champions of Europe” was sung non-stop throughout the rest of the first half. Chelsea fans and players offered little back in return and the half time whistle was very welcome.

The second half was less enjoyable. Chelsea upped their game, created chances and started to control the game. Their fans stayed quiet as Anbelka and co wasted their chanves but you felt they would score and that we needed a second. Ronaldo came on but looked far from full fitness, and we wasted a lot of opportunities on the counter to possibly kill the game. Instead Chelsea got a deserved equaliser and the match ended all square.

On reflection this was a very good day out. The away end was rocking throughout and memories of Moscow came flooding back. The team may not have won but they produced a fine performance that will hopefully kick start the season and help us push on. Ronaldo is getting back to fitness, Park looked fantastic, Jonny Evans did an amazing job covering for Vidic and Hargreaves tore Chelsea apart on the right in the first half. There were many positives to take out of the game and despite the equaliser and the injury to Van der Saar I left Chelsea very happy indeed.

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