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Copenhagen 1-0 Man Utd

Football throws supporters a variety of fixtures and, whilst the likes of City get to play cup games in Darlington and Scunthorpe, United have a slightly more glamorous games in Copenhagen, Milan, Prague and Lisbon. When the draw was made back in August the Celtic game stood out for attractiveness, but the trip to Copenhagen jumped out for a holiday destination. Thousands of Reds poured over to Denmark all prepared to complain about beer prices and the cold weather, but none expected just how extreme it would be.

We arrived in Copenhagen early on Wednesday morning, landing against 40 mph winds, fog and snow storms. That set the tone for the weather we would have for the rest of the trip- biting cold. We eventually overcame the obstacles of a train that had no staff and a map held upside down, not to mention the deadly disguised cycle lanes, to find our hotel.

The braver among us ventured out into the cold and found a beautiful but pricey city. It was definitely more of a romantic weekend destination than a football trip location, and the time of year was definitely wrong! The main squares were not full of Reds because, firstly, it was just too cold, and secondly, the MTV awards the next night meant they were all sealed off with big stages and even bigger bouncers.

The ground was within walking distance of the city (just about) and we got there with plenty of time to spare. Apparently three sides of the ground are modern, yet all we got was a knackered old tier that needed a lick of paint, new toilets and definitely more food on offer than Danish sausage!

On the pitch the team continued our miserable day. Stood in the cold surrounded by Danish Reds who did not have a clue what was going on, the team made little effort to win the game. It seemed like revenge for Lisbon where we were lucky to get the opening goal, as this time it went against us and a very poor home team scored. Suddenly questions about Scholes and Rio being on the bench were asked, and more tactical decisions were analysed. The atmosphere in the United end was truly woeful too, with biting cold, a bad performance and a lot of tourists all adding to the problem. The Danish supporters in the home end seemed to sing more in English than we could muster.

The game ended, we made our way back to the warmth of the hotel, and tried to put a bad day behind us. The next day carried on where the previous one had left off, and Madame Tussaurds did not even have a Peter Schmeichel wax work! Still, at least this shocking result adds a bit more excitement to Glasgow.

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