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Munich Memorial Scarves/Programmes on Ebay

My opinion of a lot of our so called “supporters” went down during the Glazer takeover in which many either couldn’t be bothered to try and prevent it or were more than happy to just wait and see how things panned out but my opinion of some of them sank to an all time low after the Manchester derby.

For anyone that wasn’t at the game or was unable to watch the game on TV, I’ll fill you in. As part of the day, special commemorative scarves and match programme packages were put together for all the fans attending the game to pay tribute to the Busby Babes and all the people who lost their lives in the Munich Disaster.

The tribute went down well, the minutes silence was observed by both sets of fans and the day went off without a hitch (apart from the result), in what was a fantastic tribute on the 50th Anniversary.

But shortly after the game, the packages that were handed out to fans, free of charge by the club in memory of the players who died on that terrible night in 1958 started to slowly appear on Ebay.

I wasn’t at the game but if I had been it’s something that I would have wanted to hang on to for the rest of my life and it would have never crossed my mind to have profited from something that means so much to the history of our club.

Sadly it seems, not all match going fans think the same and whilst it is obvious that these fans were in the minority, it’s sad that on a day when the City fans respected the silence so well, that Manchester United has been let down by its own “supporters”.

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  1. Ratzmaiden :: March 10th, 2008 7:22 pm

    My daughter is a pretty devoted Man Utd fan and is lucky enough to be a season ticket holder and has been for about 5 years, but now that she has started studying at university just getting to go to a match costs her a fortune in travel costs. She appreciates the value and the sentiment of the commemorative packages but she also has to be thoughtful about finances - its not an easy thing being a student these days now you don’t get grants and most students end out being thousands of pounds in debt before they even finish their training and get a job - so she genuinely thought it would be reasonable to sell her commemorative pack hopefully to a genuine Man Utd fan who did not have the privelage of being able to attend the match….. however single minded people like you who don’t look past the end of your nose when you think about things don’t even consider there is a bigger picture out there when you look at life! It would have been great for my daughter to give the opportunity to another Man Utd fan to purchase the special pack…. but it doesn’t mean she would not have thought any less about the people involved in the disaster. I do not think had my daughter been allowed to sell her scarf on ebay without silly bidders making a mockery of the process she would have been letting the club or other supporters down!

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