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United 1 Birmingham 0

To win the league a team has to learn to grind out results, and this was one of the occassions when such a result was required. Most people would have expected an easy win and when United took the lead it seemed that way, but as the game went on and no further goals came a little bit of worry set in. The players seemed as hungover as the supporters for large periods of the match, with the passing as poor as the atmosphere. But the game was settled by a goal of sheer quality with Ronaldo and Tevez combining to produce a beautiful move that will be replayed over and over many times.

Birmingham lost this match but can walk away with a lot of credit. They did not show much quality but did show determination and pride, leaving them with a fairly respectable scoreline and several half chances to walk away with more that just pride. But United deserved to win the game and ought to have extended the score line. For small periods of the second half some of the play was of the highest quality, and only a strong goalkeeper kept the scoreline down. Ronaldo could have scored from a header or later from a dribble through the area, whilst Tevez produced a sensational bit of skill that begun with him on the floor and ended with the ball smashing against the post.

Off the pitch the atmosphere was shocking. Empty seats, hangovers and a lack of excitement on the pitch all contributed to an afternoon of virtual silence. Let’s just hope that the team and fans can both get their respective acts together in time for Villa next week and then the Newcastle home game afterwards.

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  1. Dave :: January 2nd, 2008 9:45 am

    To be honest, I don’t think we really looked in any trouble at all until the last ten minutes and only the lack of a second goal put us under pressure. Usually I’m sure we’ll see us go on to score 2 or 3 with the chances we had but I agree it was a relief to hang on for the 1-0 as the last few minutes counted down as it looked like we might pay for one of the missed chances.

    Fergie also touched on the fact that the supporters were poor and it was the quietest they’d been so hopefully the atmosphere will pick up in the next few games.

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