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West Ham 2 United 1

Upton Park is not an easy place to go, especially when there is a virus in the squad keeping players such as Wayne Rooney out. However, when you are 1-0 up and have a penalty to seal the game, you really should not end up losing as United did. This was a very poor performance in which United sat back and allowed the home team to attack, just as they did at Anfield. But where Liverpool failed to create a chance West Ham did better, and turned the game on its head.

West Ham started this game the better side and fired some warning shots at United. But the Reds kept their cool and inflicted a stunning counter attack on the home side to take the lead. The away fans, kept in a small section behind the opposite goal, celebrated and dominated the atmopshere thinking that the game was now under control. But credit has to be given to West Ham for battling on. They won nearly every ball in midfield and showed passion and commitment to get back in the game. United looked poor and could not keep the ball, but when Ronaldo stepped up to take a penalty right in front of us we assumed it was game over. However, 15 minutes later United had conceeded 2 goals and had lost. Very poor.

The atmosphere in the ground was poor. The home fans sang their blowing bubbles song a lot but offered little else. The small pocket of West Ham fans to our right were more interested in Munich jokes and rape chants than getting behind their team. In the United end it was an average atmosphere that never really took off. The only show of class was the home fans welcoming back Tevez and abandoning their usual show of fickle booing when ex-players return. At the final whistle the stadium was buzzing for them as they sang along to cheesy songs on the PA system.

This was a blip we do not need. Arsenal are back on top and Chelsea got a last minute winner too. If Liverpool win at City today then there are definitely 4 teams back in the title race. But this not about other clubs- United need to eradicate these sloppy performances. We sat back at Anfield and did not get punished, but it is not our style of football and trying it again yesterday did not pay off. As the old chant goes, ‘ attack attack attack’. We need to bounce back over the next few games and take advantage of the time we have before the Champions League returns.

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