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Bolton 1 United 0

It is a long time since a game passed in which United pretty much failed to create a chance and could have played another 90 minutes and still not scored. But against all the odds in a game that was not especially tough on paper, United managed to lose to Bolton without really even registering a shot on goal.

There is not too much to say about this game apart from to draw attention to the tactics United employed. It is not yet clear whether Ronaldo was rested or whether he had an injury. If it was the former then United were foolish, especially considering there is no game for another 10 days of any importance and even that is a home game against a reasonably weak team. Then the question of how Saha was kept on the pitch so long when he was so off the pace, and why the team continually played long balls to him with his back to goal which achieved nothing. And lastly, why Carrick was in the line up ahead of Anderson. Anderson, who has been playing so well, changed the game when he eventually game on and after Carrick had been so woeful.

Even so, despite all those factors, and despite the fact Bolton should have played most of the game with 10 men, United still should have performed better on the day. The 11 men in red still did not do enough despite having enough quality amongst them to inflict damage on any team. It was only a Hargreaves freekick in the second half that even tested the Bolton keeper. A Tevez miss aside, that was it.

United had better bounce back from this and lessons have got to be learned. And there are few excuses to not get 6 points from the next two home games although of course we all know football is not that straight forward.

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  1. John eze :: November 26th, 2007 1:26 pm

    i am very very dissapointed with our the manager, why cant he be serious in anything he is doing, pls let sir alex concentrate or else man u will lose out of the bid

  2. desmond :: December 12th, 2007 11:29 am

    sir alex should try to concentrate fully and clerly when the game is on.a player like anderson should not have been kept on bench doing noting.owen should always be peared with anderson always.lastly if this two players are been made to play togther the team will move forward fastly.

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