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Arsenal 2 United 2

The hype for this game, despite being played in November, was extraordinary and all eyes around the world were on the pitch at the Emirates as the teams walked out. Whilst no one believed that it could decide the title it would be a huge psychological victory to the team that won. The timing of the game was fantastic in terms of both teams’ form. Goals are being scored left, right and centre from both United and Arsenal, which only added to the hype.

The Emirates is an over-rated stadium but I do have to admit their atmosphere was not that bad for this match. The shallow lower tier means even in the back row you struggle to see the far side of the pitch clearly- poor design for a very expensive stadium. But we all know the stadium was designed to enable the best view for the corporate middle tier, and that the fans who do not have £2000 a year to spend on their season tickets, as well as the away fans, are the least of their worries. We did have padded seats and lots of leg room, but for £46 I expected my own tv for replays and temperature control. Perhaps next season they will offer that additionally.

On the pitch the first half was not as good as the hype. There were chances for both teams and the pace of the game was incredible, but it was not a classic by any means. On the stroke of half time Rooney popped up at the near post and, care of Gallas’ arm, put United ahead. You can imagine the celebrations in the away end and the singing throughout half time in the concourses.

The second half was a much better game. Both teams clicked and the fast frantic nature was fantastic to watch. It was a great advert for the Premier League and for once it was welcoming that such a match was not overshadowed by controversial refereeing decisions. Unlike Ferguson, I thought the officials did a great job.

A draw was a fair result but to us it felt like a loss, conceding in the last minute. Was it worth it? Absolutely - the moment Ronaldo slotted home to put United 2-1 up was a classic and those celebrations will be remembered for a long time. The Arsenal equaliser was celebrated in a similar fashion from the home fans, but they were celebrating a draw not a victory. Does a team have enough ambition to win the title that is happy with a draw at home? Would United have rushed back to the half way line in search of a winner instead? We left the stadium gutted and they left the stadium dancing in the streets, but will our attitude take us above them in May? Personally I think so, especially with winter on the way and Arsenal’s poor record in cold midweek games!

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  1. kennedy :: November 13th, 2007 4:52 pm

    The game was fantastic though we wanted a win but a draw was the out come but one thing is certain and that is we are on the top.So good luck on our next macth.(ARSENAL FOR LIFE)

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